Instagram Video Download

Download Video, Reels & igtv from Instagram

what is Instagram downloader?

An Instagram downloader is a tool or software that allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram. There are a variety of Instagram downloaders available, including web-based tools, desktop software, and mobile apps. Our Instagram downloaders is free to use, while others may require a subscription or payment.

To use an Instagram downloader, you typically need to provide the link to the Instagram post that you want to download. The downloader will then extract the media file from the post and provide you with a download link or save the file to your device. offers a free web-based tool which allows you to download Instagram videos online, it's a quick and easy way to get your Instagram content downloaded offline to your device.

Download Instagram Videos, Photos & Reels

Instagram videos are short video clips that users can share on the social media platform Instagram. Instagram videos and reels can be up to 60 minutes & 60 seconds long. It can be edited with a variety of creative tools, such as the ability to trim and splice video clips, add filters and effects, and include text and stickers.

Instagram videos, reels and photos are meant to provide a way for users to share their experiences, interests, and talents with their followers and the wider Instagram community in a visually engaging and dynamic way.

How to download Instagram Videos?

We have mentioned steps below which will heps you to download Instagram videos, reels, igtv, photo, profile and stories online to your mobile, tablet, pc or iOS:-

  1. Open instagram and copy link/url to your video.
  2. Open "" and paste link in input field.
  3. Click "Download" to save the video to device.
  4. Done! your video has been downloaded.